Why Us?

Ever notice how someone gets turned down at a lot of dealers and one day finds one that can sell them a car? What happened? Their credit didn't change. It's because they finally found a dealer that specializes in their unique credit profile. 

Auto financing is more than just credit scores, it's putting together a buyer with the right dealer, car and lender. By matching your unique credit situation with the right dealer we save you a lot of time and frustration and take you right to your car.  We don't collect your personal information (social security, date of birth, driver's license).

So stop running your credit all over town and wasting time with companies that tell you "You're pre-approved". We match you with the right dealer that understands your special financing needs. First time buyer, low credit score, repo, bankruptcy or negative equity -- we'll put you on the road faster with less frustration.

•    Proprietary Situational Profile matching
•    No unnecessary credit check
•    Referral to a reputable dealer